Dutch Preserved Butter

In my appreciation of all things dairy, alongside an admiration of regional products, I was excited to find this long sought after tin of butter (in a Thai food shop on Mulberry Street of all places).

H.J. Wijsman & Zonen began producing tinned butter in the early years of the 20th century as need for shelf stable items increased with wars in Europe.  They developed a way to preserve and tin butter while keeping it's emulsion, a mystery with a large rabbit hole that I will soon jump down.

It is salted, though at only 1% per weight, so the flavour is still sweet.  It is incredibly silky, with no fat crystals or water unincorporated, though the fat coats my mouth with a reminder of shortening.

I enjoy the label design, and am humbled by the science and technology involved in developing a shelf-stable butter that can provide people without refrigeration a buttery treat.

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